Friday, September 3, 2010

Book review: Decorating on eBay, by Barbara Guggenheim

Although this is obviously a book for rich people, it is still fun to read.

I don’t know how anyone could spend over 400 dollars or more to decorate a stairwell, much less the thousands of dollars that were poured into every room in this “eBay house.”

But I love eBay, and I find fascinating the pretty and useful objects the author found to decorate this home.

Since I got the book for only a dollar, it was a good deal. I can look at the pretty pictures of a rich person’s house for practically free. And really, there are some good ideas in here, like buying vintage handkerchiefs (with their soft, beautiful colors and patterns), and framing them. Vintage records hung on the wall are gorgeous; old radios add beautiful charm. Special items to create “themes” can be found for (comparatively) low prices on eBay.

If you like decorating, eBay, or just looking at beautiful pictures of home décor, this is a fun book to peruse.

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