Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Review: The Dragon and the George, by Gordon R. Dickson

The Dragon and the George, by Gordon R. Dickson, is a humorous and exciting fantasy story about a man who gets transported to another world -- and into the body of a dragon. While there, he has to team up with a wolf, a knight, and various other people on a quest to rescue his girlfriend, and generally the save the world from evil.

It might not seem like an original premise now, but probably when published in its original novellette form in 1957, it was. (The title then was "St. Dragon and the George.")

The story itself is interesting, quick moving, and fun. The companions are enjoyable company -- for us and for Jim. And, while the book is fun, the author manages to raise the stakes whenever necessary. At times, the book is lighthearted. At others, it's deadly serious.

It's a fun read, and, fortunately, part of a series. Don't be afraid to check it out.

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